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Week 3: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

On Sunday, we finished going through the entire C-1 sequence! NamaHOORAY! To learn all 42 different postures (if I counted correctly, that's how many there are), we follow this formula: breath-->posture--> cue. For example: Inhale, Tree Pose (Vrksasana), Place the sole of your right foot onto your opposite thigh. We also learned all of the… Continue reading Week 3: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

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Week 1: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

If you were paying attention, I posted something on my blog almost 2 years ago about being done with trying to make yoga work for me. Frustration--I couldn't quiet my thoughts in class. The more I tried to relax, the more anxiety I became. So I gave up and turned to other activities that helped… Continue reading Week 1: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

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7 Last Minute Tips to Help You Prepare For The JET Interview

Interviewing for JET in the next week or two? Then this is for you! Having been on both sides of the table as an applicant and an interviewer for the JET Program, I wanted to give some insider tips. I was a nervous wreck before I interviewed at the Japan Consulate in Boston four years… Continue reading 7 Last Minute Tips to Help You Prepare For The JET Interview

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A Message to Japan Becca

Hello from the other side of the world. How have you been? ひさしぶり! I took for granted how good I had it during "Office Days" when I was on JET. All the teachers were off administering tests to the students on giant pieces of paper, and my only role for the week was to mark a few… Continue reading A Message to Japan Becca

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The JET Interview Reprise

It's a pivotal time in the JET world...Right around this time, ALTs and CIRs around Japan are signing off on a piece of paper whether they will stay one more year in their placement or go back home, and future JETs in their home countries are preparing for their interviews. This time two years ago… Continue reading The JET Interview Reprise

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What I Realized After Leaving Japan

I really wanted to write about this on my blog sooner, but I needed a lot of time to process my million and one emotions. I've actually been starting and stopping this "Life After JET" post since September. I don't think I'll ever have it written exactly as I want it, but now that I've… Continue reading What I Realized After Leaving Japan

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A Culminating Climb up Mount Fuji (AKA Are we on the moon?)

My last epic adventure before starting my descent back to America was to climb Fuji. I left Amami the day my teaching contract ended and met Lesley (who I also hiked Yakushima with last September) and her brother, Graham, in Shinjuku so we could set off early the following morning for Shizuoka, the prefecture where… Continue reading A Culminating Climb up Mount Fuji (AKA Are we on the moon?)

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My Japanese High School’s Bunkasai

I missed out on blogging about my high school`s insanely spectacular Sports Day last September,  so I don`t want to miss the chance to tell you about my high school`s bunaksai, or Culture Festival, that happened in June. After reading about bunkasais from other ALT blogs, I am getting the sense that events in the Japanese school… Continue reading My Japanese High School’s Bunkasai

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Truly Rural (Inaka Road Trip to Miyazaki)

Over the weekend, I was just looking forward to spending time visiting Chiho and Kevin at their new home in Issa with Ching and Megan, but our time in the inaka (the countryside) left me feeling so satisfied and fulfilled! It was my first time going on a road trip in Japan and spending some… Continue reading Truly Rural (Inaka Road Trip to Miyazaki)

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I Live in a Tropical Paradise

That settles it. Amami Oshima is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I already knew that but maybe I've never said it aloud. Monday's national holiday was appropriately Marine Day, or "Ocean Day." So we rented a beach house for Saturday and Sunday night for mine and Carson's leaving party (and Jonathan came… Continue reading I Live in a Tropical Paradise