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Week 6: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

"You're exactly where you need to be," we're told time and time again throughout our eight-week teacher training, but those seven words didn't truly resonate with me until our Chakra lecture in Week Six. I was not about the Chakras when we first started talking about them. Usually, I open myself willingly to other people's… Continue reading Week 6: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

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Week 4: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

It's getting real now, guys. We are officially at the halfway mark of our training. Now that we've learned all of the poses, we've moved on to learning how to offer assists to each pose. We dove right into that and it was scary! We also completed our first Round Robin on Sunday, which means… Continue reading Week 4: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

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5th Anniversary of My Lifestyle Change

I can't believe it's been five years since I did my first (and only) three-day juice cleanse to jump start what I affectionately named my "Lifestyle Change." For me, getting healthy was never about dieting--because all diets end. And my decision to start eating healthy and exercising wasn't a new years resolution--because I never actually… Continue reading 5th Anniversary of My Lifestyle Change

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Better Late Than Never (4th Anniversary)

Well, it's been almost a year to the day since my last blog post. I'm very behind on my travel writing, but more importantly...I haven't written anything about the fourth anniversary of my "Lifestyle Change." For shame! And so it goes. Since 2013, I've kept up with writing a blog around New Years commemorating what… Continue reading Better Late Than Never (4th Anniversary)

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I’ve Never Been a Runner

I did a semester of Track and Field my freshman year of high school because I thought I’d be fast like I was when the neighborhood boys chased me during a high stakes game of Night Tag, but it turned out I wasn’t a sprinter when someone wasn’t chasing me. In college, I exercised daily on… Continue reading I’ve Never Been a Runner