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Weeks 7&8: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

The last two weeks of our yoga teacher training were a total whirlwind! Week 7 was our biggest and busiest week of training yet. Thursday night, we learned what parts we’d be teaching for our family and friends community class and then completed two round robins of teaching the entire sequence together. I was assigned the triangle series, which consists of three poses: Warrior 1, Triangle, and Wide-Legged Forward Fold. This wasn’t a series I was hoping or dreading to teach, but I was really nervous to be teaching yoga in front of a room full of people other than my classmates. Spending most of my professional life in front of a classroom didn’t change the fact that I was so nervous to be teaching yoga!I brought my California Person, Karin, to our friends and family community yoga class. Because this girl is both my friend and family. 😊

I wrote out my script Friday morning and spent most of my day going over my cues. Overall, I’m glad I was assigned the triangle series, because they are poses I didn’t really appreciate until after I had to dissect them and understand their benefits in order for me to teach them properly to students. It felt really good to get up there and teach though! I was so proud how every single one of us did. I couldn’t believe that just 7 weeks ago we were all brand new to this and could hardly instruct someone else into child’s pose.Sunday was our big test day. We started off the day doing our “Karma Yoga” project. We went to Laguna Wilderness Park and helped pull weeds and learn about native plants in the area. This was redemption for me from the time I had a job when I was 15 pulling weeds from this lawyer’s garden and I ended up pulling up all her fowers instead and hit her wheelbarrow with my car on my way out her driveway.Then we went back to the studio and took our two tests: 1) teaching the entire sequence to another classmate from memory and 2) taking our 40-question written test. Phew!Week 8 was much more chill. Thursday night we had a lecture on the business of yoga, a topic I’ve been very interested in! I’ve been thinking about becoming certified to teach yoga since 2012. A 200-hour certification from Core Power is recognized by Yoga Alliance, so I’ll be able to teach theoretically anywhere and not just at Core Power.Friday we did another round robin (this time I got to teach the surrender series). And then Sunday was graduation day! It was very emotional and many of us cried. Our coaches set up the room for us and lead us through a guided meditation. Afterwards, a tiny felt bag was passed around and each of us were instructed to retrieve a single rock with one word painted on it. The word I got was “create.” Then we all went around and talked about how our word resonated with us. Create resonated with me because I’ve found inspiration to write fiction gain. The last time I sat down to write fiction was when I finished my MFA in 2013. Turning inward over the past 8 weeks has helped me find my ability to create again. It was easy for all of us to articulate why the word we received affected us, as if the rocks chose us.So what’s next for me: I’m still practicing yoga every week and studying the sequence we learned. I have 15 classes left before I can receive my official certification and become a registered yoga instructor, and then my true journey begins!Fun Fact: I gained a lot of muscle during my training. Almost 5 pounds in lean muscle mass. This has helped me with my self image because instead of focusing on losing weight I’m happy to be gaining muscle. And feeling stronger than ever!

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