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Week 5: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

I'm a week late on my week 5 reflection, but it's better late than never! Two weeks ago we had two nights of an anatomy lecture! I was looking forward to this part of the training because I didn't take anatomy in high school (cheers to being an average achieving student.) Of course there isn't… Continue reading Week 5: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

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5th Anniversary of My Lifestyle Change

I can't believe it's been five years since I did my first (and only) three-day juice cleanse to jump start what I affectionately named my "Lifestyle Change." For me, getting healthy was never about dieting--because all diets end. And my decision to start eating healthy and exercising wasn't a new years resolution--because I never actually… Continue reading 5th Anniversary of My Lifestyle Change

Lifestyle Change

Who I Am: “Lifestyle Change” Third Anniversary

This is now my third end-of-year-post where I acknowledge my mission to get healthy.¬†Last year, I still couldn't believe I had maintained the same healthy weight for 2 years in a row. (I ended 2013 close to 180 pounds. I'm 130 pounds now.) As the curtain closes on 2016, I've realized something new about myself:… Continue reading Who I Am: “Lifestyle Change” Third Anniversary

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The Struggle is Always There

When I did my self introduction for my students back in September, I always shared with them one interesting fact about myself: ¬†"I like to go for a run every morning," I would say proudly as I clicked through pictures of all my racing bibs and the Tough Mudder last June. And when I shared… Continue reading The Struggle is Always There

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Chasing Rainbows and Cherry Blossoms

Yesterday I ran the Sakura Half Marathon on Amami Island, a race than Amami holds every February in the north. The marathon bears its name because the course stretches around a dam that is lined with Amami's early-blooming sakura trees. Since Amami is so far south, we get to enjoy hanami (flower viewing) almost two… Continue reading Chasing Rainbows and Cherry Blossoms

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It Takes Time–“Lifestyle Change” Second Anniversary

I'm going to take a short break from blogging about my life in Japan and write about something that is important to me. For those who don`t know, I lost around 50 pounds in 2014. I did it through running, cooking healthy meals for myself at home, and opting for lean fish instead of most… Continue reading It Takes Time–“Lifestyle Change” Second Anniversary

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What I Gained and Lost in 2014

A year ago today I was quietly starting the "pre-cleanse" for my 3-day juice cleanse. The first step in my plan to make a lifestyle change with my health and fitness. I only told a handful of people I was committing to a cleanse because I worried I wouldn't finish. Well I finished. I will… Continue reading What I Gained and Lost in 2014

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Step by Step (No, Not the TV Show.)

It's been over a month since I finished my BluePrint Cleanse, and I plan to write an update every month with my post-cleanse progress (or my lifestyle change as I'm calling it) so I can keep myself accountable. Hopefully I can keep myself accountable for updating my blog once a month, too. Since completing my… Continue reading Step by Step (No, Not the TV Show.)