Life on JET

The JET Interview Reprise

It’s a pivotal time in the JET world…Right around this time, ALTs and CIRs around Japan are signing off on a piece of paper whether they will stay one more year in their placement or go back home, and future JETs in their home countries are preparing for their interviews.

This time two years ago I was freaking out about my interview, so I figured I’d share my post about the JET Interview again to ease any troubled minds who might come across my blog:

The JET Interview: My Experience and How to Prepare

To sum, my top three pieces of advice are:

1)Be yourself, and be open minded (They are looking for candidates who they can just plop anywhere in Japan and just thrive.)

2)Dress to impress (I wore a black pencil skirt and black blazer to mine)

3) Be honest about how much Japanese you know because they WILL quiz you (I for one knew absolutely no Japanese at the time of my interview, and I was honest and upfront about that…and I didn’t get quizzed.)

Just bee yourself!

And lastly..don’t believe all the horror stories you read on the internet about the ridiculous questions you may be asked!


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