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Conquering Half Dome

On Thursday, June 7th, two days before my thirty-first birthday, I conquered Half Dome in Yosemite with three friends. It was a grueling, fifteen-hour hike that I thought would never end, but looking back on it two weeks later, it was worth all that hard work. I had been planning to visit Yosemite since first… Continue reading Conquering Half Dome


Visiting Southern Iceland in October

With less than 24 hours left in October, I figured now is a good time to venture back to my Icelandic adventures from last year and write about what it's like to travel around Iceland in October. My friend Megan and I spent 7 days and 6 nights traveling around Southern Iceland in a camper… Continue reading Visiting Southern Iceland in October


Turning 30 Abroad in Barcelona

I had been talking about going to Spain for my 30th birthday for over a year, and I'm proud to say that I actually did! My birthday was on Saturday this year, so how could I not celebrate this milestone somewhere amazing? My sister and I could only spend a long weekend in Spain (she's… Continue reading Turning 30 Abroad in Barcelona

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 Hawaii Pt 2: Hiking Kauai and Other Adventures

On Friday morning, we hopped into the car bright and early when all the radio shows were playing the catchy end of the week song: "It's Aloha Friday! No work 'til Monday!" A great way to jump start our hiking adventures on Kauai. Any Aloha... Kauai Hike #1: Hanakapiai Falls Trail We hiked 8 miles… Continue reading  Hawaii Pt 2: Hiking Kauai and Other Adventures

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Part 1: I Went to Hawaii and I Didn’t Get Leid…

...but I still had an awesome time! Going to Hawaii was my first big vacation since being back from Japan...and actually my longest vacation yet. Since I was gone for two whole weeks, I'm going to break my adventures up into several parts. We packed in so much hiking and eating into two weeks that… Continue reading Part 1: I Went to Hawaii and I Didn’t Get Leid…

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A Message to Japan Becca

Hello from the other side of the world. How have you been? ひさしぶり! I took for granted how good I had it during "Office Days" when I was on JET. All the teachers were off administering tests to the students on giant pieces of paper, and my only role for the week was to mark a few… Continue reading A Message to Japan Becca


Photo Blog: Falling in Love with New England Again

In typical New England fashion, the weather has been unpredictable lately. Two weekends ago we had a big snow storm, and then it was 55 degrees and rainy outside, so all the snow washed away.I'm missing all the fall colors now that it's winter, so I wanted to share some pictures from my favorite autumn… Continue reading Photo Blog: Falling in Love with New England Again

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A Culminating Climb up Mount Fuji (AKA Are we on the moon?)

My last epic adventure before starting my descent back to America was to climb Fuji. I left Amami the day my teaching contract ended and met Lesley (who I also hiked Yakushima with last September) and her brother, Graham, in Shinjuku so we could set off early the following morning for Shizuoka, the prefecture where… Continue reading A Culminating Climb up Mount Fuji (AKA Are we on the moon?)

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Truly Rural (Inaka Road Trip to Miyazaki)

Over the weekend, I was just looking forward to spending time visiting Chiho and Kevin at their new home in Issa with Ching and Megan, but our time in the inaka (the countryside) left me feeling so satisfied and fulfilled! It was my first time going on a road trip in Japan and spending some… Continue reading Truly Rural (Inaka Road Trip to Miyazaki)