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Hiking with Goats in Gray, Maine

In October, a friend and I booked an AirBnB experience called "Hiking with Goats" in Grey, Maine. We had booked an AirBnB in Freeport and planned to spend most of the weekend in Portland, but we were so intrigued by reading the words "hike" and "goat" in the same sentence. The experience came highly rated… Continue reading Hiking with Goats in Gray, Maine

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A Message to Japan Becca

Hello from the other side of the world. How have you been? ひさしぶり! I took for granted how good I had it during "Office Days" when I was on JET. All the teachers were off administering tests to the students on giant pieces of paper, and my only role for the week was to mark a few… Continue reading A Message to Japan Becca


Photo Blog: Falling in Love with New England Again

In typical New England fashion, the weather has been unpredictable lately. Two weekends ago we had a big snow storm, and then it was 55 degrees and rainy outside, so all the snow washed away.I'm missing all the fall colors now that it's winter, so I wanted to share some pictures from my favorite autumn… Continue reading Photo Blog: Falling in Love with New England Again