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Week 1: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

If you were paying attention, I posted something on my blog almost 2 years ago about being done with trying to make yoga work for me. Frustration–I couldn’t quiet my thoughts in class. The more I tried to relax, the more anxiety I became. So I gave up and turned to other activities that helped me relax and unwind. (You won’t be able to find this post anymore because I deleted it, but I know at least a handful of people who read it before I made it disappear.)

It’s true that I thought yoga wasn’t for me anymore…but I feel very differently about it now. I’ve now concluded week 1 of my power teacher training at Core Power Yoga (CPY.) What I love about the classes there is how they TEACH you. They welcome newcomers and don’t expect you to know all of the poses just by name. If you are new, they will never call attention to you in class because your instructor has already greeted you when you arrived. Every instructor I’ve met is friendly and unique. It makes trying a new class always fun because every instructor brings their own style and personality into the room.

At the risk of rambling too much tonight, I’ll sum up three things I’ve enjoyed the most about my first week of teacher training:

  1. Night one we all went around the room and answered the question “Why I practice yoga.” Everyone was so open and honest about their struggles and how it brought them to their mat. We immediately created a safe space for each other to share our stories–we laughed, cried, clapped, and nodded our heads in solidarity.
  2. We journal every class session and are encouraged to journal outside of the classroom as well. We were given orange journals to jot down our free-flowing thoughts. Getting back into the habit of writing more frequently is really good for this writer!
  3. This is going to be a journey of personal growth as much as it will be a physical one. On night one, our lead teacher asked us what kind of human we want to be by the end of the next 8 weeks. To begin, I want to be true to my word. So I wrote down in my journal last Friday night to post something on my blog every Sunday night about that week’s training. And since I wrote it down in my journal and I’m writing it now, I HAVE to do it, right?

That’s all from this passionate pigeon tonight. Goodnight. :)

I promise I did a lot more of what makes me happy this month than the right page of planner suggests.

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