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A Snapshot of My Life, and Why I Haven’t Written About Golden Week Yet

I love the way sunshine breathes life into a city. I just returned from a beautiful evening bike ride around my little city, the perfect way to close out a great weekend at the beach. On my bike ride I saw more kids outside playing than usual, and lots of people were enjoying dinner with their… Continue reading A Snapshot of My Life, and Why I Haven’t Written About Golden Week Yet

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Amami Oshima, You`re on to Something…

It's been weeks since I've updated! I have been busy playing Amami Tour Guide. My boyfriend was here for a week, and then the day after he left I had some mainland friends stay with me at AirBnBecca (yep, that's what I call my central island apartment.) This week, I've been catching up on sleep,… Continue reading Amami Oshima, You`re on to Something…

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Japanese High School Graduation

My high school's graduation ceremony was on March 1st. The Japanese school year  begins in April, but graduation happens in the beginning of March, midweek, while first and second year students still have classes. It was a fun cultural experience to attend a Japanese graduation because it was so different than a high school graduation… Continue reading Japanese High School Graduation


One of My Best Week at School Yet.

This week, I want to burn all of my words for warmth because believe it or not, my tropical island is cold. Especially in my school, and specifically in my teachers' room. It has rained every single day since last Saturday. I'm not just talking drizzles here, has been pouring buckets of cold rain. Anyway.… Continue reading One of My Best Week at School Yet.


Merry Christmas!

This has been my favorite Christmas season yet. I learned this month just how much the country of Japan is infused with the spirit of Christmas. My senseis and students were just so excited for Santa-themed lessons all month long! And after a not-so-festive October 31st on Amami, I worried there wouldn't be much holiday… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

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Have You Heard of Thanksgiving?

So it's Thanksgiving day. It's weird to be without my family on one of my favorite holidays, but even weirder that while it's Thanksgiving here, it's still not Thanksgiving back home because of the 14-hour time distance that separates us. Naturally, I've felt pretty homesick this week. I'm sad I won't be in Rhode Island… Continue reading Have You Heard of Thanksgiving?

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That’s Where We Want to Go…Way Down in Kagoshima?

Well, I guess I could have waited one more day before publishing my last blog post about the JET Program. I just found out today that my new home come August will be... Kagoshima Prefecture! I will be located on Kyushu-- the most southwestern of the four main islands in Japan-- and in Kagoshima Prefecture, I'll… Continue reading That’s Where We Want to Go…Way Down in Kagoshima?