Professional Writing

I went to school to be a “creative and professional” writer– both for my bachelors and MFA– but I drained all of my creative juices to finish my master’s thesis on time.  As I put my pen down for a break, inspiration completely atrophied. I became a writing teacher and I found meaning through teaching writing rather than the process of writing.

However…when I was in Japan, I LOVED writing about my experiences abroad as a teacher and traveler– everything was new, exciting, strange, magical, daring, and refreshing. Welcome back, Becca’s creativity.

I’m still working on sharing my fiction with the world, but here is some nonfiction I`ve written over the years for various websites and online magazines, as well as one small poem about a big tree.

Print Publications
My First and Last Trip to the Doctors in Japan
Z Publishing House, 2018

Sports Writing
How Do You Run?
Trekking Yakushima: The Ten Commandments
AJET Connect Magazine

Travel Writing
9 Ways to Enjoy and Appreciate Your Island Placement
The Island Experience
Kagoshima AJET Blog

Finding Cherry Blossoms in Boston
I Don`t Speak Japanese
International TEFL Academy Blog

WCSU Graduate Says Konnichiwa from Japanese Classroom

WestConn Students Spread “Esperanza” in Granada, Nicaragua
The Mercurial

Becca in Nicaragua

Wooden Heart
Mouse Tales Press

2 thoughts on “Professional Writing”

  1. This is so inspiring. I have my undergrad degree in creative writing as well and Ive been wanting to go to japan. I’m so nervous but reading your story just makes me move forward. I don’t know what part of Japan I’d like to teach in but when I get there and we ever meet, it would be great! Ganbatte!!

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