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What I Realized After Leaving Japan

I really wanted to write about this on my blog sooner, but I needed a lot of time to process my million and one emotions. I've actually been starting and stopping this "Life After JET" post since September. I don't think I'll ever have it written exactly as I want it, but now that I've… Continue reading What I Realized After Leaving Japan

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I Live in a Tropical Paradise

That settles it. Amami Oshima is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. I already knew that but maybe I've never said it aloud. Monday's national holiday was appropriately Marine Day, or "Ocean Day." So we rented a beach house for Saturday and Sunday night for mine and Carson's leaving party (and Jonathan came… Continue reading I Live in a Tropical Paradise

Life on JET

An Ephipany in the Classroom

I started off my week by giving a speech to all my third grade students about how I was failing math in high school until I found a teacher who tutored me almost every morning before school so I could pass his class. I told them to never be afraid to ask for extra help… Continue reading An Ephipany in the Classroom

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Learning to Appreciate the Here and Now

I've always been a restless person. I can never stay in one place for too long. When I was still living at home, I was gone almost every weekend visiting friends in other parts of New England or New York. I think one of the best parts about growing up in the northeast was how… Continue reading Learning to Appreciate the Here and Now

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A Snapshot of My Life, and Why I Haven’t Written About Golden Week Yet

I love the way sunshine breathes life into a city. I just returned from a beautiful evening bike ride around my little city, the perfect way to close out a great weekend at the beach. On my bike ride I saw more kids outside playing than usual, and lots of people were enjoying dinner with their… Continue reading A Snapshot of My Life, and Why I Haven’t Written About Golden Week Yet

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Amami Oshima, You`re on to Something…

It's been weeks since I've updated! I have been busy playing Amami Tour Guide. My boyfriend was here for a week, and then the day after he left I had some mainland friends stay with me at AirBnBecca (yep, that's what I call my central island apartment.) This week, I've been catching up on sleep,… Continue reading Amami Oshima, You`re on to Something…

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It Will Always Be the Little Things

There is something special about the time one spends living abroad. Wherever you are in the world, you are bound to have experiences that are truly unique to you and your situation. I had one of those experiences last night. D and I decided to brave the downpour and go out to sing karaoke with… Continue reading It Will Always Be the Little Things


Merry Christmas!

This has been my favorite Christmas season yet. I learned this month just how much the country of Japan is infused with the spirit of Christmas. My senseis and students were just so excited for Santa-themed lessons all month long! And after a not-so-festive October 31st on Amami, I worried there wouldn't be much holiday… Continue reading Merry Christmas!

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The Island Experience

*This post was originally published on Kagoshima AJET`s blog on November 17th. Like most prefectural ALTs, I didn’t find out exactly where I would be placed in Kagoshima until about a month before my departure. I dreamed about all the different places I could end up—the Osumi or Satsuma peninsula, Kagoshima City, or one of… Continue reading The Island Experience