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Week 4: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

It’s getting real now, guys. We are officially at the halfway mark of our training. Now that we’ve learned all of the poses, we’ve moved on to learning how to offer assists to each pose. We dove right into that and it was scary!

We also completed our first Round Robin on Sunday, which means we all took turns teaching a different series in the sequence to each other. I was all nerves at first, but once I got up to teach the series assigned to me, I was okay. I did the balancing series, which includes Eagle Pose, which is one of my LEAST favorite poses! I don’t have to be the best at the pose though, I just need to learn how to guide my students through it.

And like I said last week, I’ve had a bit of time off before starting a new job on Monday, I’ve been able to focus my week entirely on YOGA! It’s only Thursday, and I’ve already taken 7 classes!

The only downside to my training is that the more time I spend at the studio, the more I end up buying things from the discount section. But this candle was only $6, smells delicious, and is telling me to live my power!


2 thoughts on “Week 4: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection”

  1. So jealous you seem to have found a YTT that happens every weekend! Most in my area are ONCE a month – crazy slow! I feel like with a more intense YTT it’s easier to keep up the momentum and not forget information.

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