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Part 1: I Went to Hawaii and I Didn’t Get Leid…

…but I still had an awesome time!

Going to Hawaii was my first big vacation since being back from Japan…and actually my longest vacation yet.

Since I was gone for two whole weeks, I’m going to break my adventures up into several parts. We packed in so much hiking and eating into two weeks that I couldn’t possibly contain everything into one or two posts.

Thank you Micah for letting Ching, Megan, and me invade your life for two weeks. And I’m sorry your face isn’t in many of these Oahu pictures because you had CLASS every day. Learning…ew. But at least you get this sweet shout out.

Now back to the story…

Part 1: O’ahu

Aloha, Oahu!
A star shines upon our first meeting…more on that later.
La’ie Beach Park (North Shore)


Searching for sea turtles
First sunset of the trip at Hale’iwa Beach Park
Together again!
Take a selfie…and leave all the books because you already own too many.
Pineapple Days
Reunited and it feels so good!

Hike #1: Lanikai Pillbox Hike

Hikers only!
This ridge is a cake walk compared to what we did on Kauai…
Prince Abooboo on Pride Rock
Not all of us made it to the summit.
A gorgeous view for less than a mile hike
Obligatory post-hike dramatic faces
Hibiscus Graffiti

Intensity: Easy to Moderate. I would have had an easier time scrambling up rocks and walking down gravel if I wasn’t in my crocs…I guess I can’t hang with the locals quite yet.

Worth it?: YES. Stunning views!

Number of falls on my butt: one

Hike #2: Manoa Falls (AKA not Ka’au Crater)


Itsy Bitsy Trickle

Intensity: Easy. There really is no incline, and the hike is just over a mile. But bring bug spray, or else you will be eaten alive. This is a jungle after all.

Worth it?: Greek Gods yes. I didn’t make it to Arashiyama when I was in Kyoto last year, so strolling through the bamboo satisfied my need to be in a panda’s favorite snack forest somehow.

Number of falls on my butt: Zero!

Our second sunset
Aloha, Diamond Head!

Hike #2.5 or Scramble #1: Spitting Caves for the sunrise

Intensity: If you’re brave enough to wake up at 5 am and drive east on H-1 for a half hour, park in a fancy neighborhood, miss the trail marker because it’s still pitch black and stroll into a stranger’s gated driveway with your headlamp glowing…then go for it! But in all seriousness, bee careful, especially if the rocks are slippery. Fortunately it didn’t rain the night before, so the rocks were okay to walk and climb on, and we didn’t go dangerously far. We were safe.

Worth it?: Yes, except we are pretty sure we parked in the wrong spot because we couldn’t see the sunrise from straight on. But if you can’t tell from this picture, the view was still spectacular.

First sunrise
Third and last sunset on Oahu–Ala Moana Beach Park

Being a regal beagle outside the only palace in the United State of America
And then we spent about 10 minutes doing various facial expressions of our friends. This one is called “The Megan.”
Sky’s the limit at the Hawaii State House
If you don’t know Father Damien’s story, please read it. And then weep.


Long live the queen!
Accidental double bubble teas: milk tea on the left,  winterberry on the right. Many thanks to Megan for drinking my mistake.
A Japanese Garden at University of Hawaii Manoa


Next Stop: Kauai!

3 thoughts on “Part 1: I Went to Hawaii and I Didn’t Get Leid…”

  1. Hi Becca! I stumbled upon your blog while researching Amami Oshima- I am a linguist (also JET alum) working on the Southern Amami Oshima language and planning an initial field trip next year. I have been to Okinawa (big island), but never to Amami Oshima, and would be very interested to hear your perspective on your time there :) Cheers! -Marti

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