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 Hawaii Pt 2: Hiking Kauai and Other Adventures

On Friday morning, we hopped into the car bright and early when all the radio shows were playing the catchy end of the week song: “It’s Aloha Friday! No work ’til Monday!” A great way to jump start our hiking adventures on Kauai.

Any Aloha…

Kauai Hike #1: Hanakapiai Falls Trail
We hiked 8 miles round trip to the freezing cold Hanakaipiai waterfall. The trail was steep, slippery, but oh so green and full of staggering beauty. One of best things about hiking in Hawaii is here aren’t any dangerous bugs or venomous snakes in the wild that will kill you. But definitely stay out of the water when there are signs posted everywhere telling hikers not to swim!

Ready to go!
Our first glimpse of the Napali coast cliffs

Micah: “I should tell my dad about the goats here.”
Ching: “Does he really like goats?”
Micah: “No, he hunts them.”

After reading that sign, no one dared to swim in these waters…

Island cats!
“What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?” -Timon
We “think” this old structure used to be for making coffee…

The destination: We climbed over rocks and weaved through trees and roaring streams to get to Hanakaipiai falls and jump into this freezing cold water. It was totally worth it.

It’s me!

After our hike, we chilled at Hanakapiai Beach. Apparently it’s a sacred place to do hula on Kauai…but instead of doing hula, I fell asleep on the beach. No surprise there.

I interrupt this blog post to tell you about Kauai wild chickens!
One of the most charming things about Kauai is the abundance of wild chickens. As legend has it, in 1982, a big hurricane destroyed a chicken farm on Kauai–and all of the chickens were set free! I counted 12 chickens on the 5 minute ride from the airport to Micah’s Grandma’s house alone.

The wild chickens amused me so much, and I had a lot of fun taking pictures of them whenever I caught them in a rare moment of stillness. (Why yes, I did spent a lot of time chasing after chickens to get a good picture.)

We stopped here to use the bathroom before hike #2. No swimming  though because hammerhead sharks like to hang around here!

Kauai Hike #2: Honopu Ridge
This hike is actually a hunter’s trail. There are wild boar and goats in these parts. The actual trail was difficult to find, and we only saw 4 other hikers on our journey. This was the most frustrating hike of my life because for 75% percent of the trip, we were hiking through literal thorns bushes. (I regretted hiking in shorts and a sports bra almost immediately.) But hiking through thorns was SO worth it for these views.

Lookin’ good in our new HiLife hats!

See where the water is breaking? That’s one of the caves from PotC 4!
A+ lunch view
Megan summoning the fog

We ended our Saturday night by drinking fruity Hawaiian beer and watching the sunset at the most western point in the U.S. Not too shabby!

Sunset over Polihale Beach

On Sunday, we wanted to check out the Botanical Gardens, but of course they were too expensive. (Like $40 entrance fee for one and $60 for another.) Harumph. So we made our own fun in the free sections instead!

Megan and Becca Bamboo

Monk Seal sleeping like the dead at Poipu Beach

Kauai Hike #3: Sunrise hike
I take it back. This was the worst hike of my life. We woke up at 4 am on Monday so we could hike a couple miles up hill to see the sunrise. It was hot and humid on our way up, but it didn’t start raining until we reached the summit. Then it was so slippery on our way down and I slipped and fell right on my butt and ended up covered in dirt and mud.

My crazy hair tells you how windy it was at the top!

On Thursday, we drove to see Wailua Waterfall–Wailua means 2 waters, 2 falls. A few months back, one doofus from California decided to jump the 200 foot waterfall. He was incredibly lucky to survive…

You can swim, but don’t jump!

Kauai Coffee Company!

Kauai Hike #5: Kayaking the Wailua River and a short hike to Secret Falls
Despite doing the sea-kayak marathon on Amami last year, this kayaking adventure left us exhausted.

Secret Falls…which really aren’t so secret at all. There were many a tour group…and chickens!

Friday was our last day. Megan and Ching had an early morning flight back to Japan…
A hui hou kakou–until we meet again, friends!

And on my 13th morning in Hawaii, I was finally able to catch a sunrise.

Wondering why I jumped from hike #3 to hike #5? Because I’m saving the best for last that’s why! Next stop: hiking the entirety of the Kalalau Trail.

Stay tuned!

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