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Week 2: Yoga Teacher Training Reflection

I forgot when I’m in school I’m a huge procrastinator. Hello, Universal Experience. It’s nice to see you again! Week 3 of Yoga Teacher Training starts in less than an hour, so here’s my recap from week 2:

This week in yoga class, we’ve continued to dive into learning the sequence of a C-1 class, but also, Friday night we had our history lecture. I was really looking forward to this lecture because I’m interested in learning more about the origins of yoga. The yoga we are practicing (vinyasa) is pretty new to the world of yoga, but the philosophy of WHY we teach is not new. We had a 3 hour engaging lecture/discussion with a very passionate yoga teacher who loves to “geek out” about yoga history and philosophy.

A few things I learned this week:

  1. Yoga is deeper than just the poses. Also learning the benefits of each pose for our bodies is really cool.
  2. Always voice the WHY behind a modification to a pose.
  3. The first two limbs of the eight-limbed yogic path are Yama (how we treat others) and Niyama (how we treat ourselves.)
  4. “I would rather hang out with nice carnivores than mean vegetarians,” says our eccentric yoga history/philosophy teacher.
  5. The difference between connection vs. attachment in our lives (more on that later…maybe. I’m still digesting this concept)

As a part of our training, we’re reading a book called The Inner Tradition of Yoga. I love this quote from the introduction: “There is no yoga without the conditions of your life. This book describes how to work with those conditions and see that there is just this one precious moment, it contains the past and the future, and we can’t hold on to it,” Michael Stone. (I swear I’ve read up to chapter 4 though!)

So there you have it, as promised, a vague recap of Week 2 of my teacher training at CPY. I won’t promise more for next time, but I’ll try. :)


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