Sneak Peek: Golden Week in Thailand

  Like most of my experiences during my year abroad, my Golden Week trip to Thailand turned out to be much more than I had anticipated. Here I am with my elephant friend, Mae Come Hpo, on a banana snack break as we make our way through the forest in one of the Karen Villages in… Continue reading Sneak Peek: Golden Week in Thailand

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Springtime in Kansai

Last week, a few of us islanders decided to escape during "Spring Break" and visit Kansai. We booked our flights for the last week in March so we still could attend soubetsukai and see off leaving teachers, but to our surprise, our trip coincided perfectly with Hamami in Kyoto and Osaka! After 5 days of Big City traveling, I… Continue reading Springtime in Kansai

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The Misty Mountains of Yakushima

Last week was Silver Week in Japan--a string of September holidays that comes around once every five years. I feel lucky for Silver Week to have fallen during my year in Japan, so I seized the opportunity to travel somewhere new. My school approved my two days of nenkyu (paid time off) for Thursday and… Continue reading The Misty Mountains of Yakushima

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An Island Girl in the Big City (My First iPhoto Blog!)

My original trip to Kagoshima City was cut short because of Typhoon Goni, but I didn't want to let a little rain and wind keep me from enjoying myself, so I stayed the weekend after my two-day orientation for sight seeing, Uniqlo-shopping, and making new friends! Islander Observation: The atmosphere of the city is so different… Continue reading An Island Girl in the Big City (My First iPhoto Blog!)