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An Island Girl in the Big City (My First iPhoto Blog!)

My original trip to Kagoshima City was cut short because of Typhoon Goni, but I didn’t want to let a little rain and wind keep me from enjoying myself, so I stayed the weekend after my two-day orientation for sight seeing, Uniqlo-shopping, and making new friends!

Islander Observation: The atmosphere of the city is so different that my island! Amami Style is so low key compared to Kagoshima Style. Tenmonkan is swarming with girls in cosplay, yukatas, and the line for Purikura was nearly out the door. I didn’t take any pictures of people dressed up because I didn’t want to be That Gaijin Girl, but the shopping districts in Kago City seemed like Baby Harajuku. Cool to experience, but I much prefer my down-to-earth island style. Flip flops and fedoras rather than platforms and wigs for me, please.

Volcanic Selfies are my new favorite kind of selfie.
Volcanic Selfies are my new favorite kind of selfie.
Mt. Sakurajma View from the 18th floor in Kencho. (Kagoshima’s tallest building)
Tenmonkan, a huge shopping/bar arcade in Kagoshima City. My hotel was right in the thicket of it!
Amu Plaza Ferris Wheel at Night
Pork Ramen, mmmm.
If you have a foreign passport, you can hop around the city with this all day for only 10 yen!
View of Kagoshima City from Shiroyama–our first stop with the Welcome Cute Pass
Senganen Japanese Gardens, our second stop on Welcome Cute
This storm was rolling in and out all day
And this is what happens when you let 2  Moso Bamboo Stalks into Japan.
A short ferry ride to visit Sakurajima, our final Welcome Cute Stop
Volcano is this-a-way!
The storm was at its worst when we went to visit the volcano, of course.
Volcanic Rock Monument Selfie!
Shirakuma–shaved ice shaped like a polar bear!
Ferris Wheel Selfie
Shinkansen–bullet trains. Mayhaps I will ride one some day!
Hazy view of Sakurajima from the top of the ferris wheel
Shira-crew-ma :p

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