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Culture Day in Japan

November third was Culture Day in Japan. A day to celebrate culture (obviously) through dance, song, and parades. Kagoshima  had a big festival in the city and everyone was in some kind of uniform singing, dancing, taiko-drumming, and celebrating in the streets. Geographically, Amami is a part of Kagoshima prefecture, but realistically, we are 230… Continue reading Culture Day in Japan

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My Quirky, Island Apartment

I had planned to write a nice long post about my teaching experiences, but I'm putting that on hold so I can talk about my quirky apartment situation in Japan. My fourth-floor apartment has a lot of...charm. The utilities are quite old, so my washing machine, shower, and AC all require tricks for them to work… Continue reading My Quirky, Island Apartment

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Island Sunshine and Island Rain

Hello, everyone! I had plans to write on Sunday, but I had a discouraging night so I didn't feel like writing (more on that later.) But I wanted to post something before I leave for Kagoshima for a week of orientation, Japanese language and cultural lessons, and shenanigans. But no fireworks display because that pesky… Continue reading Island Sunshine and Island Rain