Grading Papers


Two weeks ago it was a testing week at school, so that meant I didn`t have any classes for for four straight days. So much desk time. Normally during testing weeks I want to scratch my eyes out because at least it will give me something to do, but this testing period I had a huge stack of Hand Turkeys to grade, so my hands were full (pun intended.)

The assignment was for the students to list 4-5 things they are thankful for, and then write one complete sentence (or at least attempt a complete sentence in some cases haha) explaining why they are thankful. My advanced classes wrote full paragraphs on what they are thankful so I will share some of those gems too.

I got a kick out of reading these. So I`m going to share my favorites with you!

“I appreciate hugs. I think a hug has a special power. I love a hug and I am thankful for a hug.” (This came from an advanced sannensei`s speech on what she is thankful for. She goes on to say that in Japan, the only people who hug are parents and children. She learned the power of hugging during her home stay in America. AWWW.)

“I am thankful for food because without food die.” (Unedited…but it’s perfect haha.)

“I am thankful for environment, ancestors, and life. Because life is beautiful and powerful.” Pocahontas?


“I am thankful for pigs and cows because I like to eat pork and beef. I appreciate all life.” (Then I wrote back insisting that pigs and cows have lives too and that she was contradicting herself. My debate students would be proud of me for arguing with this sentence.)

” I am thankful to live in Japan where it is safe because other people cannot go to school, eat enough food, have a house, or sleep because of war.” (I am impressed this student had enough perspective and English ability to recognize this.)

“I am thankful for chocolate. Actually, I was saved by chocolate last month…” (She didn’t have enough time to finish writing why..I’m on the edge of my seat!)

“I am thankful because I am a human and I can talk and eat.”

“I am thankful for my eraser. Thanks to it. I can be wrong.” (I added it is okay to be wrong sometimes. Because Japanese students can be really hard on themselves.)

“I am thankful for my cats, because I am encouraged by them.”

“I am thankful for my pearents.”


This one reads like a poem…

“I am thankful iPhone
It help me when I`m lost way in unfamiliar land
It wonderful machine
It is hard for us to live without it
It become essential life in recent years
Thanks always”

And after I was done with the hand turkeys…

I had to correct hundreds of sentences about why students believe people fall in love based on a theory they read about in English. (The ideas came from a chapter in their textbook called “The Science of Love.”)

Here are my favorites. They are a mix of hilarious, insightful, and BOLD.

“I think women have the hidden talents”

“I like a man who has a good smell.”

“I am convinced that we seek physical closeness as a child without being aware that we are doing this.” (Paraphrased…but still WOW)

“I feel comfortable when I smell burning woods in campfire, my mother`s miso soup, and jasmine tea.”

“I believe in the theory of nothing. We love human when it is not reason. Love is freedom.” (Independent thought <3)

Okay, I actually love correcting their writing. It took me forever to post this because I was busy grading over 500 Dear Santa letters and Rudolph Summaries…but really that’s okay. I love helping my students with their writing. :)

So if you are still reading this…hello! Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to make it my new years resolution (blogolution?) to write more. I’m writing once every couple weeks…I need to keep up with this on a regular basis. Because I know some day, years down the road, I’m going to come back and read these posts and they are going to make me so happy.

Have a great day!



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