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Homemade Chocolates


On February 14th in Japan, all of the pressure falls on the girls to give chocolates to the boys. Except the girls don’t just buy a box of Russell Stover chocolates for their Valentines. Many of them go all out and make HOMEMADE chocolates.

The adorable little chocolate to the right was a gift from a student who wanted to thank me for practicing Eiken interviewing with her. My supervisor told me to “be careful” when I eat a homemade chocolate from a student because it might not taste great, haha. But this one was delicious! It was more like a semi-sweet cake than anything else. And there were little chocolate chips baked into the bottom. The presentation was charming too. I’m always so impressed by how skilled my Japanese students are with literally everything they do. Whether it’s cooking, drawing, or their club activity…they are amazing. And I’m over here making deformed stick figures and getting bits of shell in my fried eggs. I digress.

When I left the teacher’s room at the end of the day, I was practically chased down by about half of my English Club wanting to give me chocolates and wish me a happy Valentine’s Day. Even one of the boys gave me a little box of chocolates! And then later on,  two more students tracked me down and gave me chocolates while I perused the aisles at the local stationary shop.

It felt like I was being followed today. But if I have shadows behind me that only want to give me chocolates, that’s fine by me. :)

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